Territorial Overview of the Swedish Allotted Infantry Regiments' Locations

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Table over Distribution of "rotar" per county
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Below is a territorial overview of the allotted infantry regiments' enlistment areas, i.e. the areas where respective regimen's "rotar" where located.

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Territorial overview of the allotted infantry regiments

F? mark?en ?er ett regementsnamn i listan till h?er s?visas dess placering p?kartan. If you move the cursor over the list of regimental names below you will see each regiment's location on the map.

Andra livgrenadjärsregementet *
Bohusläns regemente *
Hälsinge regemente
Jämtlands fältjägarregemente
Jönköpings regemente
Kalmar regemente
Kronobergs regemente
Livregementets grenadjärer
Norra Skånska infanteriregementet
Norrbottens regemente
Närke-Värmlands regemente
Närkes regemente
Smålands grenadjärkår *
Skaraborgs regemente
Södermanlands regemente
Södra Skånska infanteriregementet
Upplands regemente
Värmlands regemente
Västerbottens regemente
Västgöta regemente *
Västgöta-Dals regemente
Västmanlands regemente
Älvsborgs regemente
Östgöta infanteriregemente

Click on the information symbols to get information about each regiment.
Please close the information pop up window each time it has been opened.

* = former cavalry regiments

 Regemente = regiment, infanteriregemente = infantry regiment

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